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Changing Business Seasons

April 9, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


The struggle between winter and spring is evident in yesterday’s dropping temperatures, howling winds, and blue sky that faded to grey. Straddling between cold and warm air, our environment keeps trudging away trying to make forward progress towards a new season. There isn’t much we can do about the wait because we know everything in life has a season.

Seasons have come and gone since I opened up my business and walked through the entrepreneurial door 19 years ago. I remember being excited to check out the “yellow pages” to see my business listed for the first time in the Syracuse phone book. Ten years later, I was thrilled to leave a home based office to open a downtown office with young interns to assist me. After health issues, I returned back to my home base office after five years only to find a new abundant energy which helped grow my revenue without the expenses of a corporate environment. It has been a cycle of time to grow, time to shrink, time to grow again. It happens to women personally and professionally.

As I get ready to launch my new Athletic Division for Women, I realize I’m in another season. A season that wants to bring women together outside business walls to connect and enjoy fitness and sports together. It seems like my business sisters are all eager to enjoy a new season of their life after their children move on to college or get married. There’s space to fill – a new season to enjoy – season that comes with more time, freedom and opportunity.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to embrace your own season of professional and personal life. Just like winter moves to spring, you are moving forward too through a new cycle and new season. What do you want that season to be? For your business, does it mean finally taking big risks you’ve been waiting to take or stepping back to relax alittle and regroup with a new vision? Are you ready to take more courses, get more certifications, change tracks, or stay the course. Not every season forces us to change dramatically; sometimes it’s subtle changes that influence our mind, spirit and body allowing us to change.

As we all await a glorious new, warm season, ponder what you can do for your own business life to make it more spectacular too. Seasons come and go. What can you do today to make the next season of your business the best one yet?

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