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Exclaiming Your Business Mission Time and Again

December 9, 2013

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


With the passing of Nelson Mandela came thousands of voices exclaiming what the man represented to society. Through taped interviews, old news stories and print pieces, Mandela’s personal mission was broadcast loudly for all to hear again. If Mandela had been a man of few words, he might not have made the significant impact he did around the globe. What wouldn’t have transpired if Mandela was silent about his personal mission.

Preparing for a recent business speech, I almost cut out what I thought was a repetitive statement – my company’s mission statement. I assumed a majority of women in the audience knew it already. But after deciding to state my personal mission to help women entrepreneurs become more financially successful by urging other women to spend as much of their money as possible with other women business owners locally, regionally or nationwide, my program’s keynote speaker who runs a $150 million dollar company spoke and said these profound words:

“I have never once stopped to think about the major impact spending my corporate dollars with other women owned businesses could create and yet I struggled in a male dominated industry for thirty years.” Right after the statement, she looked at her assistant and said, “From now on, make sure we are subcontracting out as much work as we possibly can to other women owned companies.”

This particular woman has more buying power than most women I know so hearing her words produced an amazing swell of emotion. It was a gift. It was confirmation. It was a sign to keep pressing on and to always share my entrepreneurial message with others.

Today’s business post is to encourage you to never stop sharing your entrepreneurial message and passion with others even if you think they have already heard it. You don’t know who is listening and how your message could impact them, your mission and others for the good.

Remember Nelson Mandela never stopped exclaiming what he stood for and neither should entrepreneurs.

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