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Bringing Your Company to Life Through Video Marketing

December 4, 2013

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


Through the lens of an old black and white film projector, my sister and I reminisced over our 1960’s holidays with our parents, two sets of grandparents and cousins. After watching the historic reel, we took a VHS tape from one of our sister’s weddings which captured our father dancing with us six months before his passing. What a treasure grove of memories seeing loved ones in action opposed to still shots. It brought life back again.

In today’s times, I go to YouTube to pull up my favorite Dave Matthews Band concert moments including Woodstock ’99 which I attended. My son used YouTube to teach himself how to play guitar and my husband watched a YouTube video on how to install electricity in a new room. When I peruse Facebook, I see video links of my friend’s children enjoying the holidays, performing in a musical or baking.

With this long history of using moving pictures to capture life, it only makes sense women entrepreneurs should be using video to embellish their businesses. A video welcome on a home page, a demonstration on how to use a product or a taped seminar are just some of the ways businesses are intriguing visitors to their websites and social media marketing sites in today’s world.

Statistics show women entrepreneurs are not using this medium as much as they should. With a hundred other tasks on their to-do-list, taking time to learn, implement and showcase video marketing is not rising to the top; but if used correctly video can bring a website to life because it excites the senses, engages the eyes and ears to understand a message better.

Today’s blog post is for you to consider adding video to your business in 2014. Start considering the option now as this business year comes to an end. Take a cruise around the internet to see how other businesses are using video. Start researching the costs of including video on your website. Learn more about how it can help your search engine optimization rankings. Talk to a marketing expert on how to start using video more in the New Year.

The world does not stand still and either should your online messages. This might be the perfect time to bring your company to life and provide potential customers and current clients with another view of who you are, what you offer and to create your own treasure grove of marketing memories.

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