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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

November 29, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


The top news story this morning is the frenzy of Black Friday shoppers storming major retail stores in hopes of landing major price breaks on the largest gifts of the year. Cameras captured people standing in lines for hours eager to land mega sales deals on hot season products. I would love for just one day to have that many people waiting at my doors and I’m sure other entrepreneurs do too.

So instead of waiting for the masses to call our stores or place online orders, entrepreneurs need to conduct some marketing tasks to attract customers to holiday specials. With a little ingenuity small business owners can create a few Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and holiday sales on their own. Here are some of my tips to help get the marketing ball rolling to bring customers knocking:

* Use Social Media Marketing – Business owners should be using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst and even LinkedIn to create a holiday sales buzz. All it takes is creating a hot, holiday special and posting it on all social media channels to attract customers. Business owners can even create a Facebook event to promote the special and then share it with their friends and ask them to share it with theirs. Viral marketing is an excellent way to get the word out about holiday specials.

* Send Retail or Service Specials to Your Clients – Create an attractive marketing piece, like an event flyer, email note or e-newsletter highlighting Black Friday, Small Business Day Saturday or holiday specials to your entire customer list. Encourage them to shop for themselves and others and to share the special with their circle of friends. Offer the “Friend of a Client Special” to anyone your customer shares the marketing piece with to increase your reach and revenue.

* Produce a Special Open House Event – Sometimes the old fashion approach of hosting a holiday open house can produce enough sales to make the time and expense of planning the event worthwhile. Make sure the event has character filled with music, food, drink decorations and sales specials to entice attendees. If you can find time in the next two weeks to host a simple event – it doesn’t have to be elaborate – produce the marketing piece by December 2nd and start inviting everyone you met and networked with in 2013.

Just because we are considered “small” business doesn’t mean we have to think small when it comes to holiday marketing. Take the pledge today to start acting like the big retailers so you can produce a long line of customers at your doors in December.

If you are looking for women entrepreneurs to buy from this holiday season, take a look at the Women TIES online directory and online store too. We market some fantastic New York State women business owners.

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