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Sales Calls During a Holiday Work Week

November 25, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


If you live in much of the nation today, you probably think its too cold to do business. It’s also the Monday of a holiday week when so many people are getting ready to travel somewhere for Thanksgiving. You might be thinking “why would I conduct sales calls today of all days?”

Having spent a majority of my morning conducting sales calls – although they were more warm calls, then cold calls – made me feel like I already accomplished more than most entrepreneurs might this holiday business week. If you have two or three days of business this week before you embark on a family trip or to over the woods to grandmother’s house, why not take me up on the idea of performing sales calls before you take off for the festivities.

Here are some tips on making sales calls this holiday business week:

* Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you need to spend an entire day making sales calls. Allot two to four hours one day this week. The key to sales calls isn’t the length of time you conduct them, but rather the fact you do them at all.

* Create a short sales script if you struggle with sales calls. Make sure you sales script includes first asking the prospect if they have ten minutes of time to talk about their company and its services or products so you can learn more about them; and then telling them you’d like to share how your company might be able to help them further. Remember it’s useful to find out more about a prospect’s needs before you start pitching what you offer.

* If a sales call goes well, follow-up immediately with an email “thank you” note. The note can contain information on when you’ll contact them again, how the two of you will precede working together or any other details that arise from the sales conversation. Immediate follow-up shows professionalism and a commitment on your end to make sure the sale will be completed.

Before you head off for a wonderful, relaxing end of the week frivolities with family, friends, and football, take care of business by making sales calls so you have new business waiting for you when the wonderful holiday is over.

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