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Landing Major Media Coverage

November 13, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


As I checked my website statistics yesterday, I realized I had an increased amount of hits coming from different sources. As I clicked on the source links I discovered business tips I had submitted to different media sources were picked up and posted in several online articles. Yesterday’s date of 11-12-13 was suppose to be a lucky day and to tell you the truth it was a lucky marketing day for the Women TIES website.

Women entrepreneurs are always hoping to get some airtime either on their local TV station, in the newspaper or in a industry print publication. What I’ve learned after two decades in business is it is up to us as the leader of our company to be constantly reaching out to media to get our names published. Luck doesn’t just come our way, we have to make our own luck – especially when it comes to major media attention.

The main source of receiving national attention for my company which has landed Women TIES in Inc., Self Magazine, Family Circle, and even a Chicken Soup for the Soul book called Power Moms, was using HARO or “Help A Reporter” who connects news sources with journalists looking for their expertise. Three times a day I receive a news feed with media looking for people to contribute information for articles, books, online stories, television and radio appearances. It’s a daunting task to review the long list of requests but in doing so just this past month, I have landed two major national media appearances and two regional online stories for Women TIES.

My time spent every morning reading and responding to queries is because I want to gain more attention for my company and ultimately my members hoping the additional PR will help their SEO rankings, land them a new client or just brand their corporate name. By dedicating one hour a day to securing national attention, I keep giving Women TIES major media visibility.

Today’s post is to encourage you to sign up for HARO at and spend one hour a day reviewing the list of topics they post. Write a short response to the request the day you receive the email. Keep a copy of the query and your response in a file on your computer. You won’t land promotion every time you submit something but I am proof you can land major media attention if you are dedicated to trying.

Remember you don’t need a lucky day like 11-12-13 to be the catalyst behind extraordinary media attention, you need to commit to going after major media on a daily basis to elevate your company’s brand nationally.

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