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Improve Your Business: Be Helpful

November 13, 2013

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


As I stood in the breathtaking TD Boston Garden after watching my son help manage the Boston College Men’s Basketball team in a Coaches vs. Cancer tournament this weekend, I wondered where to go in this vast arena to meet my son after the game. He had instructed us to follow the other parents on the court to the gathering space near the locker room. As we approached the court, we were hindered from going further by a young man who didn’t believe my story. After asking me 15 minutes of questions about exactly where I was suppose to go and why and then seeing the crowd of parents disband, I got very frustrated with his inability to trust what I was saying and letting us down to the court.

Determined to not let this person stop me, I walked into the concession area and found an elderly security guard, told him my plight and asked him to help me find our son. He immediately trusted what I said, showed me down the back stairs to the private locker room area and left me there. With a warm, trusting smile on his face, he relaxed my tension and gave me back my faith in Boston Garden employees.

The business lesson I learned from this experience was, “Either you decide to be trusting and cooperative to a customer or you don’t. It’s that simple.” I’m sure security is tighter after the Boston Marathon bombings but at some point you have to trust that people are good, innocent and need your assistance.

My question to you today as an entrepreneur is, “Are you a trusting, cooperative person? Or aren’t you?” If you are, can you imagine the pleasure you bring to people who contact you or work with you? It’s not always easy to do but it’s a gift to the people you are dealing with.

If you are someone who makes doing business with your company or communication difficult on a regular basis, have you stopped to realize the negative impact your behavior causes vendors, customers or employees? Not only do you dampen the interest and energy of someone returning to do business with you, but they leave with a poor image of your company that might be shared with others.

ThomasandMeBostonGarden2Life doesn’t have to be hard. Business doesn’t have to be difficult. Making life easier for others – whether in business deals, helping clients with simple problems or handling complex situations – is always a better way of living and doing business. Choose to be helpful. It will set you apart from others.

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