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The Collaborative Business Mindset

October 24, 2013

The house was stirring with activity as seven businesses set-up for a special fall event. For three hours 75 women visited the event which featured 10 women entrepreneurs displaying, selling and promoting products. The invitation to the party went out through social media marketing. The woman who coordinated the function hit a home run – a well promoted and nicely planned event to draw sales to her company and that of 9 other women. The lesson from last night’s function was the power of a collaborative business mindset, the influence of social media marketing and the benefit of hosting events.

This year more than ever before, I’ve witnessed women who have shred a competitive mindset to embrace a collaborative spirit. Gone are the days when women feel intimidated to be in the same room as a competitor. Now women understand they possess a unique style, niche and sales approach to attract the right customers. We have learned the pie is big enough.

I was pleasantly surprised when several women made a point to introduce themselves to me. They knew I was attending the event from my Facebook reservation. Gone are the days when we go to a function not knowing who is coming. Social media marketing helps us look through the front door of a party before we actually get there. We know who will be there and can set networking goals to meet specific guests.

Business owners should remember events are an innovative way to pull new customers to you or draw past clients back into the fold. By creating an attractive setting, an appealing reason and exciting opportunities to attend an event, women can get new customers or familiar patrons through the door. It’s a warmer sales approach then cold calls.

Today’s post is to encourage you to think about planning more corporate events, collaborating with other business owners on joint programs, and using the power of social media marketing to promote your functions.

If you are starting to plan for 2014, add quarterly events to your line-up and start communicating with like-minded businesses or industry competitors about collaboration. Take a look now at ways other entrepreneurs are using Facebook to promote events and invite a bigger network. Don’t forget events can be a joyful and meaningful way to increase your sales all year long.

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