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Start Your Day with a Tweet

October 23, 2013

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I started my day as I always do with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and Good Morning America so I could catch up on news before heading to work. The best part of watching any television show on a daily basis whether it’s a talk show, news station or reality show is the feeling that develops over time that makes you feel like you’re part of their family.

The feeling of family doesn’t just come from the viewer making a specific television show a regular part of their day, it also occurs when television stars reach out to their audience by inviting them to follow and converse with them through social media like Twitter and Instagram. Now fans have a way of staying in touch with celebrities 24/7 if they have the interest.

When the devastating Connecticut school shooting occurred a year ago, my son’s school district, West Genesee, had an employee who grew up in Sandy Hook. The school wanted to support this employee’s hometown and its community. Students were encouraged to wear Sandy Hook’s school colors – green and white – the next day and gather in the gym for a photo. With their hands shaped in the form of hearts, a photo was taken of the West Genesee students and sent to Sandy Hook High School. When I saw the photo on social media, because I follow the Superintendent of my son’s school who uses social media frequently, I tweeted the photo to national news celebrities.

The photo was picked up by Katie Couric and distributed on her Twitter feed. The tweet was retweeted by many people. All of a sudden West Genesee was getting more well-deserved attention for their sweet intentions due to a simple tweet and connection to a celebrity. When famous people engage their audience to communicate with them, they in essence allow others to become part of their “family.”

Today’s post is to remind you of the power of social media and the opportunity you have 24/7 to communicate, share and distribute useful, powerful words and images to people in the news that can use the information to help you and others. Everyone behind the glass screens in our living rooms or on our desks is approachable in today’s social media world. If you haven’t already thought about national figures you should be connected with in order to receive or send communication to, maybe today is the day to spend extra time on Twitter and follow some of your favorites – especially those in your entrepreneurial industry.

Remember the news anchors, celebrities and story collectors want to hear from you. They are inviting the public to become part of their family so make sure you are doing your part by sharing pertinent information and useful stories with local, regional and national news personalities. You might just find one dawn that you look through a glass screen to see your name or information staring right back at you and that definitely would be the start of a “Good Morning.”

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