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Creative Light Needed in Business

September 23, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entepreneurs


As I glanced out my window this morning, the sun was glistening in the horizon lighting up the back of 3 American flags hanging on the fence as steam rose off our pond and pool adding texture to our typical view. I’ve always loved the warm feeling of Folgers Coffee commercials because they typically shot scenes in the dawn when the world was quiet and the morning fog enveloped the house creating an inviting environment for anyone who dared to be up early enough and desired a warm cup of coffee to start the day.

30 minutes after witnessing the beauty of the backyard scene I returned to the same window to see the fog had burned off and my cozy Norman Rockwell morning was now filled with a bright brilliant light and the stark reality of getting down to business. The dawn was gone, the day had begun. The morning view had inspired me enough to want to get to work writing and preparing for my company’s largest event of the year being held tomorrow.

It takes a great deal of work to produce a large conference. It requires commitment from qualified speakers, funding from corporate sponsors, creative energy to produce the right atmosphere and people willing to attend to soak in the inspiration andeducation of the day. Any businesswoman in the beginning stages of planning a special event for their company might have that early morning foggy vision until the details are in place and the guests are about to arrive. The fog always dissipates at the right time.

As women entrepreneurs we have numerous early morning foggy views as we search for clarity in decisions we need to make to get something special started. We can become mesmerized by the opaque view for a short period until we start working on a decision we’ve made. Only with effort, effervescence and energy can the foggy view lift to unveil a dynamic new event, product or service we created and finally

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to start working on a special event, project or task you’ve wanted to create for awhile. Gain creative inspiration in today’s sunset, the golden fall leaves or tomorrow’s early morning foggy sunrise. We all need inspiration to be creative. Creative thoughts lie within each of us if we take the time to spark them to life.

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