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Serve, Twirl or Cook Something New In Your Business

September 11, 2013


Today’s hot sticky, warm, summer weather floods my mind with memories; the long lines, the smell of maple candy and sausage and peppers, and the music at Chevy court. If you attended the New York State Fair this year, these images might conjure up some similar memories for you too.

I always approach an event like the New York State Fair with the eyes, ears and heart of an entrepreneur. Always looking for a glimpse of business strategies I could implement in my own business. Although I’m a great cook, making tons of barbecue beef, twirling cotton candy and serving cold lemonade isn’t my idea of making money but it sure is an excellent money maker for hundreds of vendors at the fair each year.

As I walked among thousands of spectators, I indentified some “secrets” to success around the fairgrounds. Today’s success strategies outline some of the strategies a woman entrepreneur could implement in her business and it doesn’t require you to cook, twirl or serve. As you read the secrets, realize you can gain great business ideas by simply showing up at any event, observing the way something is done and watching the reaction of the consumers.

Today’s blog post should inspire you this month while you are attending special events, occasions and shopping experiences to keep your
eyes, ears and heart open to new ideas to use within your own company. By simply observing and capturing success this way, you open up your mind to a new way to run your business, innovative products to offer and interesting marketing methods to implement to gain a bigger audience.

Whether or not you enjoy 94 degree weather in the middle of September, use today’s summer temperatures to remind you of the sights, sounds and consumer expressions you witness at other festive events to inspire you to add some new creative flavors to your business operation and you might just watch money come rolling in.

To read the cool tips I learned at the New York State Fair that you could implement in your business today, click here.

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