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“Once Upon A Time” Marketing

August 14, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Once upon a time…..there was a 7 year old girl that decided to plan a fundraising event in her garage. Little did she know that event sparked a flame in her spirit that was unrecognized until 23 years later when she started her own event management company. This is the beginning of my personal entrepreneurial story.

Once upon a time….I was your age and about to do what you are trying to do so let me share my experience so it might help you. This was the beginning of my personal family stories when I wanted to share life lessons with my 7 younger siblings to help them navigate challenges they were facing growing up.

It’s not only me using stories to help others, it’s all women. Women love using narratives to communicate with others. Whether it’s with our siblings, best friends, or other business owners, we tend to converse in tales. Every client meeting I held with female event planning clients always started with a personal update before proceeding to business. Conversely my communication with male clients always focused strictly on business matters. Women are different than men in many ways and one of them is our interest in sharing stories.

Linda Lowen When I asked Linda Lowen, an accomplished local and national TV and radio personality and national writer for MSN and to become this year’s annual Retreat keynote speaker and I asked her the topic of her speech, she said, “I’d like to share with women the power of their personal story and how it can produce more business success then a 15 second pitch.” In this 2013 fast paced world, I was intrigued by Linda’s idea of women using their stories to land business. It started me thinking about my own 19 year business story too.

Today’s post is to encourage you to think for a moment about your personal business story and how it relates to where you are today. Do you share your story with your customers? Could your story become compelling enough that it lands you more future business? What might your story say to current customers that keeps them more loyal? These are intriguing questions to ponder.

Just think your “Once upon a time” story might just be the way to attract more customers to your business while maintaining more of your current clients. I hope you choose to use your story to produce more fairy tale business endings for yourself starting today.

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