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Celebrating Your Business Anniversary – Words of Wisdom

August 8, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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It’s hard to forget important dates in one’s life – your birthday, the birthdates of your children, the day you got married, and the day a parent dies. 365 days a year particular calendar dates hold significance for millions of individuals. The two dates that touch my entrepreneurial heart are 8/8 and 3/3. August 8th was the date I became an entrepreneur for the first time creating my first company Five Star Events, an events management enterprise in Syracuse. March 3rd was the birth date my second company – Women TIES – with a mission to help women entrepreneurs expand their local, state and regional marketplace in New York.

I’m not sure how many entrepreneurs remember the “birth” of their businesses from a date perspective solely but I do. On those two dates, and every anniversary of those dates, like today, I celebrate the choice I made to take my professional life in my own hands. Little did I know signing my DBA paperwork would be an exciting gateway to a world of extraordinary people, experiences and opportunities. I can’t imagine what I would have missed and more importantly who I wouldn’t have met if I never opened the gate and walked into my businesses.

Today as I celebrate the start of my 19th year as an entrepreneur, I wanted to share with my followers, my top three lessons learned that might provide you with inspiration today.

* “If You Don’t Try, You Can’t Fail….and If You Fail, Get Right Back Up and Try Again” This quote has been my motto for the past 19 years. Nothing in business works out perfectly in fact there are times you are rocked to the core but one thing I know for sure is the lower you get, the higher you can bounce back.. Failure is okay! With every failure come lessons and more determination to revise, start anew and fight harder. Fail forward as often as you can.

* “Truly Love What You Do” and you’ll find getting up every morning is a blessing. You must find and live within the passion of your business so it can sustain and propel you forward. If your business becomes a source of too much heartache or struggle and you don’t love what you do anymore, stop and change paths. The only way to work for decades as an entrepreneur is to love what you do, who you serve, what you offer and the benefits your company brings to the community. Make sure love is built into your business plan.

*”Support is the Backbone of Success” for any entrepreneur. It starts with the support of your personal family and friends, then the counsel of trusted advisors, the advice of other entrepreneurs, work done by trusted staff and warm relationships with clients and vendors. It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur. You’ll succeed quicker with support at your side.

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