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What Women Entrepreneurs and Sports Have to Do With Each Other

April 4, 2013


Around the table were four women including a 55 year old female attorney, 50 year old business consultant, 48 year old marketing professional and a 27 year old woman about to embark on her first entrepreneurial adventure buying a 42 year old existing business from its owner. Me and the other two women where there to sign off on a $15,000 loan to give this young woman collateral to buy the business.

But by the end of the meeting, it wasn’t just a loan that was given to her it was a gift of legal support, marketing support and inspirational wisdom from 3 women she had never met who are inspired to help her make her dream come true! What a powerful and moving meeting – one of my favorites of all time to be honest.

When I left the meeting, I was faced with a son who had returned from a sporting practice sad and disappointed in himself because of a harsh male coach who has forgotten that sports is about developing young men and women to be the best they can be. When my parents were coaches in the 1970’s they believed in working with athletes to develop their mind, body and spirit. It wasn’t about the awards, college scholarships and accolades that counted like it is in today’s programs. It was about making a positive difference in these young people.

In light of this week’s firing of Basketball Coach Kevin Rice of Rutgers University reported on ESPN and seeing the frustration on my son’s face, I realize what I love most about women entrepreneurs is our true interest in lifting up our sister business women. Does competition exist? Yes, it does at times but for the most part women entrepreneurs are the most caring and supportive women I have met when it comes to helping other women.

Taking the positive feelings from the meeting where 3 of us lifted up a much younger woman entrepreneur, I encouraged my son to make sure the eleven month commitment to his sporting program was truly making him feel good about himself. If not I told him, reconsider whether this is the best place you should be spending your valuable time.

If you are reading this blog post today, I encourage you to be a positive role model in the lives of younger men and women in all areas of your life – business, sports or music. The next generation of smart, good, young professionals deserve nurturing from as many adults as possible.

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