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The Road Map to Business Success

April 3, 2013


Last night’s guest speaker Deborah Cabral of DC Efficiency Consulting said to an audience of 25 women learning about government certification, “Your business plan is your road map to success. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” They were sobering but truthful words from a woman who has grown her company extensively in three years to include four divisions and three government certifications.

Her reference to needing a road map to be successful hit the spot last night. Priding myself on being perfectly on time for events – if not early, I found myself lost in the sprawling metropolis of Herkimer, New York without a road map or a working GPS device. I assumed my trusty, reliable printed MapQuest directions would get me to the right location.

But 30 minutes after I should have arrived at my destination and not able to find the venue from the directions, I discovered the address was incorrect because the venue had moved. After stopping 3 different times to ask people in town where the venue was, I was sent 3 times in the wrong direction. I tried calling the venue but no one answered. Lost without a road map is differently where I was last night!

So when Deb said entrepreneurs need a road map to be successful I really got it! So did 75% of the women in the room who raised their hands when asked, “Who doesn’t have a business plan yet?” If last night’s audience is indicative of women entrepreneurs in general, I’m afraid many of them will end up like me last night lost and going in the wrong direction.

Today’s blog post is to reiterate the importance of beginning, recreating or updating your business plan so you aren’t traveling down the wrong road with your business. It is much easier to have a map to glance at for assistance, then to be unsure of where you are, where you are heading or where you are suppose to be. Going in the wrong direction wastes time, money and productivity.

Before you do anything else today, ask yourself, “Do I know where my business is going? Do I know where I’m heading? Do I have a road map to get me to my entrepreneurial destination?” If the answer is no, I encourage you to start finding time in your calendar this month to create a better road map to take your business truly where you want it to go.

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  1. April 4, 2013 12:34 pm

    Great post Tracy on the need for a Business Plan to give you a road map to where you what to go and how to get there! Thanks Mary Homer


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