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Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs

March 28, 2013


Sometimes the best advice comes from other women entrepreneurs. Today’s blog post is filled with great advice from one of the major conferences Women TIES conducted a few years ago. The wisdom is worth sharing again today. I hope it helps you in your business.

* If you stop long enough to listen, you’ll hear a voice in your head, a tug at your heart, a pounding in your chest to follow a certain dream. It might not be what you are expecting to do next but it is what you are meant to do. Don’t push the voice or feeling aside. Get quiet enough to hear it and follow where it leads. You’ll end up in the middle of a wonderful dream come true. By: Julie Pech, The Chocolate Therapist, Inc.

* Whether you decide to brand the name of your business after yourself or not, everything you do is a reflection on you the owner. Your business truly represents your head, heart and spirit. Your reputation and your name are very important. When it comes time to test out a new idea that might affect your brand, rally in the troops to seek their opinion and ignore the voices of the “random fools.” By: Gwen Webber-McLeod, Gwen, Inc.

* Growth is a natural part of business but growth has to be right for each woman in each stage of her business. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to growth if it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t feel right. It’s better to say no, than yes and make a mistake. Don’t forget your business is not a child; you can walk away from it if the time is right. By: Jo Beth Dellinger, Artist Pianos, Inc.

* Social media marketing will more likely help women entrepreneurs create relationships before it brings in money. Money making opportunities will come in time once the relationships are established. There is still alot to learn and gain from social media marketing. Keep learning, keep trying, keep reaching out to more contacts to grow your network. By: Janelle Fields, JFields Marketing

* Using your unique personality and your personal strengths helps create an award winning sales style. Don’t be afraid to be natural and to be who you are when you are selling. The perfect customer buys what you sell, needs what you do, wants to work with someone like you, and has the money to spend. By: Lynn Hidy,

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