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Where Everyone Knows Your Name – Great Customer Service Tips

March 26, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


I walked into Staples to go to the Copy Center when the cashier at the front of the store said, “Good Morning.” I returned the sentiment. As I approached the Copy Center, a regular employee from behind a large copier said, “Tracy, I’ll be there in just a moment to help you.” I was surprised she knew my name and touched she used it. After placing my order, I left the store only to have the same cashier say, “Have a great day. Hope to see you soon.” I said, ‘You’ll see me in 30 minutes but thanks for wishing me a good day.”

I have had some customer service issues with Staples the past year. It appears I might not have been the only one. Something has changed. Customer service has become a priority – or at least – welcoming customers has become a priority. Their personal acknowledgements did make me feel good. I almost felt like I was in the Boston Cheers bar where everyone knew my name and cared.

Making customers happy is a priority for all businesses. Here are a few pointers for you to implement in your company today to make customers feel appreciated:

• Depending on the size of your company, make it a point to know your customer’s names and buying interests. If you have a retail store, consider implementing a similar welcoming system as Staples does. By making customers feel welcome the moment they walk in the door until they leave will have them sing your praises and land you more business.

• If you can, pay more attention to the special interests and needs of your biggest customers. This might include sending birthday cards, articles or links to online stories that relate to their industry, or sending congratulation notes when they achieve something big. I have said it before, it doesn’t take a lot of time to show a customer you care, it takes time and attention.

• Reward your loyal customers whenever you can. Staples now gives me 10% off my copying business because I make thousands of copies per year. 10% isn’t a lot but it’s something. What discount can you provide to loyal customers that don’t hurt your bottom line but shows them you appreciate their loyalty and business? Create something new and let them know about it.

Next time you are out shopping, pay attention to great customer service you receive and consider implementing it in your own business. And by the way let me say to you, “I hope you have a good business day. Thanks for reading today’s blog post!”

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