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“Super Bowl” Marketing Advice

February 4, 2013

Advice for women entrepreneurs


Whether you are a football fan or not, the incredible extensive marketing of the Superbowl is enough to get most people to turn on their TVs. Whether it’s watching the actual game, witnessing the clever advertisements or being entertained by the half-time show, it’s an “event” most of the country participates in.

The Super Bowl has always taught me lessons in marketing and sales and seems to rev up my sales spirit the week following the big game. Today’s post is not only to encourage you to think about your own marketing outreach and sales tactics this week, but to ask yourself if some education in both areas could “kick-off” the best business year yet for your company.

I have planned events this month to inspire and educate you through Women TIES. Consider coming to:

* This week’s Utica event on Sales Strategies
* Next week’s Albany event on Social Media Marketing
* The February 20th Rochester event on Sales and Prospecting
* The February 28th Syracuse program on Public Relations & Traditional Marketing

Every single company that was involved in yesterday’s Super Bowl implemented sales, social media marketing, prospecting, public relations and traditional marketing to make a big splash and get noticed.

You don’t have to be a big time advertiser at the Super Bowl to make your own splash but you do need continuing education and inspiration to keep going; so please join us and pass the word onto other women you know who could benefit from our valuable networking, promotional and educational luncheons. You can find us at

Go super women entrepreneurs Go!

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