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Warming Up to Sales

February 1, 2013

Business wisdom for women entrepreneurs


A gusty warm wind greeted us Wednesday, a welcomed break to the bitter cold temperatures of last week. The warm weather coincided perfectly with a morning passage in a favorite book. The passage said, “Soak up the love and warmth from the world around you. Open your heart more to the people you see, the people you meet, the people you greet and the people you love.” Although the reading can relate to our personal lives, I believe it relates to our business lives as well.

The idea of making sales calls, sales appointments and following up new networking connections can send a chill down our spines. Most women don’t get a warm, bubbly, content feeling when a mandatory sales day approaches. We anticipate the voice at the end of the call to be cold or the person we meet at a networking event to be uninterested. The fear of the reaction can stop us from ever picking up the phone, going to an event or scheduling an appointment.

Most sales experts will tell you making a warm sales call with someone you have met before is more productive than making a cold sales call to someone you’ve never met. It’s not surprising to know that having a warm demeanor during a call instead of a cold one works too. It also makes sense that going to networking events or business affairs to meet potential customers are the perfect place to start creating warmer relations with new people or developing stronger ties with people you met recently.

Today’s blog post is to encourage you to take the warmth of Wednesday’s temperatures and integrate it into your sales soul. Remember how good the warmth feels, how happy it makes us and others around us and the positive impact it has on the day’s mood. When the weather changes back to February cold, experience that feeling too and realize cold can freeze us in our tracks, tighten up our responses and stop the flow. Take both feelings into your sales approach and use more warm connections, feelings and relationships to grow your business.

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