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Golden Bridges – Keeping Connections Alive

November 30, 2012

goldengatebridgeAs an adolescent I was instructed by older and wiser women on proper personal and business etiquette. One of the most important lessons I heard repeatedly was “to never burn a bridge.” No matter how often a teacher sent me in the hall for being too talkative or a strict employer corrected me on the accuracy of my food orders, I was taught to keep my thoughts to myself, control my emotions and not burn any bridges.  I benefited from this wisdom when my sixth grade teacher, the one who loved sending me in the hall, was the person who selected me for the elementary school graduation speech; and how my tough first employer helped me secure my first College food service job.   

Once I became an entrepreneur there were many times when a really demanding client, an unappreciative vendor, or a vocal competitor tested the limits of my civility. But always in the back of my mind I could hear those wise women telling me to bite my tongue, take the emotion out of the moment, and think to the future. No matter how difficult the situations were, I remained mindful of that old lesson, saw the bridge, and kept looking forward.

In the last week, I have had three past connections surface with fantastic new business opportunities for Women TIES. They are bigger opportunities than I could have ever imagined but fate had a hand in rewarding my patience and business etiquette. I’m not the first woman entrepreneur to realize unexpected, fruitful opportunities appear when you least expect them. All of these new business opportunities are coming from relationships I established years ago when I was a young entrepreneur. Time ended up being my biggest ally.

GeorgeWashingtonBridgeToday’s  post is meant to remind you of the people in your life who are staunch supporters, key networkers or future collaborators helping you to change the world. They may be someone from the past whose bridge was never burnt or someone you met recently that instantly struck a chord with you. These relationships can be golden if we take the time to network and develop them further.

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