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Power Ball Marketing Ideas for Small Business

November 29, 2012

Like most people I didn’t win the Power Ball yesterday.  Was I disappointed – maybe a little bit? But what I gleaned from all the hype that surrounded the big jackpot fever will help my business today and maybe yours too.  Here’s what I know:

* Even if you aren’t giving away 600 million dollars, you can excite your customers with periodic giveaways to increase event attendance, social media marketing traffic or survey responses.  Think of ways you can offer an exciting set of services or products if someone enters to win a contest you create.  Consider the interests of your customer base when designing the prize.

* Once you create a “give away” or promotion, make sure you market it big time. Use all forms of media to promote the event – your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, mobile media and other social media first. If the prize is big enough, buy some traditional advertising too.

* The most important thing to do is then stir enthusiasm amongst your followers and friends. They can be the energetic word-of-mouth advertising you need to spread the promotion like wildfire.  Anyone in your immediate circle has a circle of people you don’t know – ask them to pass along the promotion so it spreads.

* Once someone wins the prize, highlight their names and comments through social media again. Put them in the spotlight which also gives your company additional attention at the same time. Publicity fuels publicity – so use it well!

This business advice might not be worth $600 million dollars like the Power Ball jackpot was worth but hopefully it will trigger you to create exciting new promotions to market your business in the near future.  I’m sure you’ll hit the jackpot with your customers by offering opportunities for them to win something big.

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  1. benita permalink
    November 29, 2012 8:54 am

    well said .. and so very true . .just look at how radio stations attract listeners .. always a give-away


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