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The Golden Business Rule

October 3, 2012

Women cherish their relationships. Whether it’s valuing a relationship with a significant other, relishing bonds with their children or appreciating long lasting female friendships, women thrive when they are involved with others.

Conversely women don’t like when relationships end. It is difficult to walk away from valuable bonds with people we care about. I once had someone say to me, “Tracy stop getting emotionally involved with your clients. It’s just business.” I realized this person had a point but it was hard to stop caring when you value the people you are involved with.

I believe what makes women entrepreneurs more successful than men, is our ability to form meaningful relationships with vendors, clients, associates and other entrepreneurs. Our willingness to do right by the people who invest in us, and who we invest in, helps us develop strong, powerful bonds that ultimately helps us economically. It’s a main reason women do so well when it comes to relationship selling.

So when it’s time to end a business relationship for all the right reasons, entrepreneurs and business professionals need to remember to be respectful,The Golden Rule Painting direct and honest with others on why the relationship is ending. These conversations can be difficult depending on the degree of  commitment between the parties. But the golden rule states you should treat others as you would like to be treated.

Today’s blog is to inspire you to embrace business endings as much as you embrace business beginnings with respect, appreciation and honest communication. I’ve always loved the quote, “a beginning is another beginnings end.” Embrace change within your business especially if long time vendors, customers and associates move on. A time of change means the door is opening for different relationships to emerge and they might just be what you’re looking for.

 Living by the Golden Rule in business will not only help you be a wiser business person, it will enrich your life because of how you feel about yourself and others you work with.

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