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Pining Over Pinterest

September 26, 2012

For months I had been receiving requests to join Pinterest. Like most busy entrepreneurs, I didn’t have time to stop event planning and promotion to learn about this new social media marketing venue. I thought Pinterest was an old fashion scrap board gone online. Why would I spend time pinning photos to an online scrap book when a pile of work sits on my desk?

But there is beauty in education. After Becky Bayne explained briefly how to use Pinterest during her technology program at last week’s Women TIES Retreat, I decided I had to learn more on how it could truly help me market Women TIES members. What I learned was exciting and addicting! For the last three days, I have been posting images of my paid member’s logos or photos with a link to their website on a special Pinterest board called “Fantastic Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know.” Pinterest has now given me an additional way to promote our members to a larger and different audience than through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Known as an insane marketer, especially for the women in my organization, I have been spending two hours a day pinning our paid members’ information to this special Pinterest board. I’ve been engaged in asking questions and seeking answers to make Pinterest an additional promotional value for our members. With an open mind and a willingness to be educated, I have produced another valuable marketing avenue to help brand women entrepreneurs’ names.

Today’s blog is to remind you that education is an essential component of growing a business. We cannot grow a company without learning. By learning we open up our minds to potential new services, products, avenues for growth and connections. Gleaning tidbits of real, applicable ways to help your business expand or assist your customers is something every woman entrepreneur must have on their priority list.

I hope you take some time this week to check out my new Pinterest board and learn more about the women pinned on it so far. I hope you also continue to educate yourself through events, books, online courses and colleagues to keep improving your mind, your company and your entrepreneurial future. It’s extremely powerful and exciting.

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