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Is it the Right Time?

October 6, 2011

Many years ago when Lynn Steenberg, President of Sports Physical Therapy, thought about buying a business, her husband said to her, “Is this the right time?” At the time, Lynn had 3 children under the age of 5. She realized it wasn’t. Many years later when she finally felt it was the right time to buy the company, she did and has grown it into a business with 23 locations across the state. 

Lynn shared with the audience that every time her and her staff have been faced with growth and expansion questions, they ask themselves the same question, “Is this the right time?” She said the answer is always in the room.

For me, the question “Is this the right time?” was the most meaningful quote from yesterday’s   “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES” Retreat. Having planned educational and inspirational events for women for sixteen years, I have learned to pay attention to one or two statements that resonate with me after each program is over. Whatever strikes a chord always needs further examination.

Sage comments were entrenched in yesterday’s presentations. Each of the 150 attendees had comments that resonated with them. For some it was the need to charge more money for their services and products. For others it was to commit to one particular big action by next year. Some were inspired to start international businesses while others were reminded to take big, bold chances.

I’m not sure there are always brand new ideas to share.  There are a multitude of universal business lessons. But I’ve come to realize the same ideas you’ve heard before might have new meaning for you today. What might have been an important decision five years ago might be totally irrelevant now. Decisions you move on this month probably wouldn’t have entered your mind five years ago. Life changes, business changes, we change.

Today’s blog is to remind you to ask yourself the words Lynn Steenberg has used throughout her entrepreneurial career, “Is this the right time?” You might find it is the right time to start a global business or the proper time to add staff or the correct time to make a really difficult corporate decision. If the time is right, act on it.

Being honest and upfront with ourselves about where we are today, where we want to be tomorrow, and what we hope for in the future, will guide us with all our big and small business decisions.

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