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Turning “Friends” Into Customers

September 21, 2011

If you are like me, you turn on the computer in the morning click on the internet and check your Facebook accounts. You send Happy Birthday messages to your “friends,” you post business news, and instant message family members who are online at the same time. What did we ever do before Facebook? We must have lived in a dark hole.

I first enjoyed Facebook because I could connect with my 7 siblings who live all over the globe – London, San Francisco, Annapolis, Portland and Albany. Staying connected to them, seeing updated photos of my nieces and nephews, and hearing what they did over the weekend, made me feel like we were all living together in the same place.

Then I loved Facebook because it was a new and exciting marketing medium opening up the doors to a hundred new friends and potential customers. All of a sudden I was updating my Facebook page daily to promote events, sell services, and communicate with members. The new age of marketing, an addictive one at that, had landed on my desk.

But as a busy woman entrepreneur I continue to wonder how I can convert all my Facebook time to money. I know it helps increase my corporate brand and event attendance but how can it put bigger dollars in my bank account? How can it increase my sales revenue enough to justify the time it takes to post, check and recheck my pages?

I posed that question to Amy Palmer, The Fear-Bustin’ Sales Coach from Washington, DC, one of our Retreat presenters, and the conversation between us prompted the sales program she’ll present at the October 5th Women TIES Retreat. Amy told me, “The number one task women entrepreneurs need to do is incorporate ‘social business’ into their sales plan and turn contacts into appointments.” I know she is right so I’m eager to have Amy educate us on how to create a sales plan to convert social media marketing friends into clients.

Today’s blog is to inspire you to think about what follow-up you should be making with your Facebook friends. If you have new followers, how do you take your friendship to the next level – a sales level? Have you thought about creating a program and plan to convert the time spent on social media into dollars? Have you updated your business plan to include social media marketing sales?

I have always believed education is key to business success. No matter what we think we know, it’s simply not enough. The business community is full of people who can teach us what we need to know. Make sure you are learning enough about social media marketing so you can turn your friends into customers.

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