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A Time to Say No

September 1, 2010

Adam and Thomas Higginbotham

As we watch our children grow from babies to young adults, observe sprigs of basil in our garden mature into knee high plants, and see our day old businesses develop into twenty year old enterprises, we witness what the miracle of time, nurturing and dedication creates.  We experience each moment sometimes in slow motion wishing for faster development. But in the end we see that growth really happens quickly.

 Growth requires the word “yes.” Our children never learn to love new foods if they don’t say yes to taste them. Our gardens can’t grow if we don’t say yes to water them. Our companies can’t expand if we don’t say yes to financial risks. But somewhere in the process of growing, there are times when saying “no” is essential for ultimate growth. For example – “No you can’t jump off the cliff because your friends say you can,” “No I don’t have time to water the garden today because I am late for an appointment,” “No, I can’t keep spending time with a client who doesn’t pay me for my services.” The word “no” is an uncomfortable word. As women we would love to say yes all the time to make ourselves feel better.

When it comes to growing a profitable business, successful women entrepreneurs like, Jo Beth Dellinger of Artist Pianos, will tell you, saying “no” is essential for success and realizing your business is not your child will help you make tough decisions. Over lunch in the spring she told me some of her greatest business decisions have been saying no and sticking with it.  It’s one of the reasons I asked her to speak at this month’s Retreat. I asked her to share how saying no is an essential and intangible part of growth women must embrace to truly succeed.  

Jo Beth Dellinger

Today’s blog entry is meant to inspire you to think if you are saying “yes” too often and for the wrong reasons. If saying “no” is hard for you, consider why that’s the case and figure out how you can change that perspective to make your company more successful. Practice saying no and see what growth lies for you personally and professionally once you start.

Ultimately in the end it’s not how often we say yes or no, it’s the vigilant thoughts and feelings behind the decision that aid us in knowing we are doing what is best for us and the things we are nurturing.

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  1. September 1, 2010 6:25 pm

    you have a nice post..
    keep posting and have a nice day 22:24


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