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Shredding and Shedding

August 26, 2010

Turn on the television and you’ll find commercials promoting the shredding and shedding of  pounds.  Lean, mean, fighting machines is the image they portray and convey to the masses of individuals looking for a new way to shape themselves. If you turn the station, you might also find a show on hoarders – individuals who can’t relinquish any belongings – small, big, old, new, relevant or irrelevant – from their lives. They are comforted by clutter and the familiarity the clutter creates.

Whether or not you are lean and mean or not; or a hoarder of sorts, now is the time to shred and shed your way through debris that has accumulated in your business that keeps you from moving steadily forward. You might be holding on to an impossible-to-please client, an old system of doing your books, a personal reluctance to change one of your weaknesses, or simply storing too many old, useless files. The truth is you can’t create new space for new opportunities if there isn’t room for them.

Holding onto the past, to familiar people, or to favorite objects keeps us from truly moving forward. There is time for the past and there is time to move on. Sometimes we can’t grow our businesses if we are too focused on holding onto what we know or have known. Shredding and shedding is a tool we have to use to let go to open our future to more opportunities.   

Today I encourage you to acknowledge, accept and move on in areas you know you must. Individually we know what is holding us back, who is holding us back, what thoughts hold us back. Recognize them, shred them, shed them and move toward the brighter horizon.

Also remember to be wise to acknowledge the people, objects, and tasks that bring you success. Decide today what and who is essential for your personal and corporate growth. Embrace them. Utilize them more and move forward with a lighter load and extra space for new opportunities to truly become more successful!

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  1. August 31, 2010 11:45 am

    After reading Tracy’s article, writing my article on clearing the clutter, and listening to a tele-class about Feng Shui, I looked around my office. I saw that one corner of my office was filled with arts and crafts supplies that had nothing to with my business, so I took the time to move them to where they belong. Do you know that clutter can cost you money in your business? The one area of cost is in not having the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual space for creating what will move your business forward. It also costs you in terms of your energy and well-being. Clutter causes stress, sleeplessness and more. When you are distracted and unfocused, you are unlikely to be able to clearly see what the next step is in your business. Begin by spending 10 minutes a day working on one area of clutter. You’ll be surprised and delighted to see what opportunities appear in its place.


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