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Success Strategies on Coping With Difficult Times

May 5, 2010

Our last post discussed how women entrepreneurs periodically face difficult personal times in their lives which makes it difficult to run a business. Today’s post lists some success strategies on Candlecoping with difficulty as an entrepreneur. Take a few minutes to read the advice and forward it to any woman you know who is experiencing a hard personal situtation now and still trying to run her business. Spread the word and help another woman entrepreneur today.

Ask For Help from Others

Immediately after a crisis occurs, create a list of upcoming responsibilities with a timeline. Review it and see where you need support. If you can, delegate key responsibilities to your staff. If you don’t have staff, consider asking other close business associates, family or trusted individuals to help you. In times of crisis, the world shows its kindness and generosity. Be willing to ask for, and accept help, for a short time if you need it.

Communicate With Your Customers

Clear communication is vital to running a business successfully during an unexpected personal crisis or situation that arises.  If you need to take time away from your business and there is no one to run corporate operations while you are away, create and send a clear communication piece to your customers explaining the situation and time the office will be closed or working at half capacity.  As long as customers know how long you will be away and who can handle their work in your absence, they will remain loyal clients.  Don’t underestimate the generosity of clients either.

 Seek Assistance From Professionals

If your problems are larger than you can handle on your own, seek professional assistance. Therapists, counselors, coaches and advisors are in business to help others through personal and business problems. Sometimes we can’t gain the right perspective on our own; we need the support of someone trained to get us through difficult business or personal times.  Speaking to a professional might be exactly what you need to help you come through the problem quicker and with better insight.

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