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Handling Difficulty as an Entrepreneur

May 3, 2010

Two weeks ago, before one of our luncheon speakers was scheduled to present, she lost her mother unexpectedly. As I spoke with her on the phone about the difficulty she had faced the past few weeks, I asked her if she wanted to reschedule the event. As we discussed the options for rescheduling, we came to the conclusion the luncheon should go on. I respected her for her commitment and professionalism and promised attending the event would be a better experience than she expected. Shortly after the event was over, I received a note from the speaker thanking me for the opportunity to present to a wonderful, warm group of women entrepreneurs which she found to be enjoyable as well as comforting.

Before introducing her at the event I told the audience, “The most important word in the title ‘woman entrepreneur’ is the word woman. We are women first and foremost and entrepreneurs second. We must take time to handle personal issues that face us and to be gentle with ourselves in times of strife and tribulation because in the end our health, our personal lives and our well being is what counts the most.” Business will always be there, old and new clients will trust in us, and the world will not end if we have to walk away from our companies for awhile. No one but us can take care of ourselves. To be the best entrepreneur, we must, at times, be our own best friend. Since this luncheon, four other members have experienced or told me about personal loss and pressing health issues in their lives. I’ve given them each the same advice.

Today’s blog is to remind you if you are facing any type of unexpected personal circumstances – a health issue, a death in the family, difficulty with your family – it’s okay to take time to deal with the emotions and changes that are occurring in your life. Give yourself permission to work on, resolve and accept the changes. If you still have a hard time believing life will get better, remember the words from the Broadway Show Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.” There’s always a new day and a brighter horizon coming. Trust and treat yourself well in the meantime.

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