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Personal Scarifices As An Entrepreneur

March 1, 2010

Recently a woman entrepreneur asked me,  “I am finding myself working more hours and cutting back more personal time to keep my business afloat during this recession. What are some suggestions for keeping my life in balance until the economy rebounds?”  I thought my answer to her question would be perfect for today’s blog since so many women entrepreneurs I know are struggling to put in extra hours to keep their businesses going during this extended economic hardtime.

I have always been a firm believer in balancing my personal and work life even at the height of extremely demanding business periods. Entrepreneurship can be an addictive 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year commitment. A business owner’s drive and tenacity makes them excel at work but it can also deplete vital personal time and energy. Understanding what makes you a healthy and happy individual in your personal life can sustain you during stressful business periods. Prioritize the essential elements you need in your private life – whether it’s running or yoga, attending social events or family gatherings – and absolutely schedule them into your weekly calendar.

There are also times in an entrepreneur’s life when personal family situations, like a death in the family, a major health scare, a spouse’s unemployment, needing extra money to send a son to college, puts pressure on the entrepreneur. These personal situations can drain our energy, force us to take time away from work, makes us lose our concentration, and can put a strain on us to sell more.  It is essential, we know when we need to slow down, seek help from the outside to stay afloat, or take time away from our businesses to survive any dark personal or business period.   

In the end, work will always be there, there will be new clients, and our businesses will continue to flourish,  but we have to be sharp, rested and relaxed to be the best business person you can be. Don’t underestimate the value of replenishing your mind, body and spirit in helping you make it through any tough times.

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