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January 13, 2010

Last week I picked up the phone to hear the discouraged voice of a woman entrepreneur on the other end asking me for advice on how to get motivated to achieve her business goals in 2010.  Watching how proactive our organization is in hosting events, promoting our members and creating sales opportunities for them impressed her. She wanted to know the secret behind the motivation and activity.I told her, the call to action is a daily part of being an entrepreneur. We must wake up every morning ready to hit the ground running to achieve our daily, monthly and long term goals. Fueling this energy not only comes from our passion in our business but also due to the responsibility we have to our customers and staff.  Being an entrepreneur takes a great deal of personal motivation and action to follow-through on promises we make to ourselves and others.

Sometimes when we lose motivation it’s because we become consumed with the details and forget the larger picture. Or we lose the excitement that triggered the creation of our enterprise in the first place. Just like running a race, our vigor is strongest in the beginning. But how well we maintain our pace, remain focused on the finish line and involve cheerleaders along the way to encourage us, can make or break whether we cross that line.

If you feel discouraged by your motivation level, there are a couple things you can do. I suggest you go back to your business plan, evaluate it. The business plan is a roadmap to success and shows the benchmarks you need to win the race.  You might also want to go to some special business events  and see if you can jumpstart your corporate goals for the year by listening to an expert in a business field. Get yourself a business coach or mentor and seek their advice.  

Today remember it’s important to recognize when your motivation needs a boost and to do something proactive to get it going again – whether that’s calling someone who understands, taking time to refocus on your passion or attending an event to educate yourself on new business topics.


As I told this woman – you are never alone in this entrepreneurial journey. You are part of a sisterhood of women who have experienced the same emotions and stumbling blocks and have survived. Many of these women have accomplished even more then they thought they could when they took the time and recognized the need for help and sought out support.  

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