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Lucky Networking

January 11, 2010

One of the best ways for a woman entrepreneur to celebrate the beginning of a new business year is to jumpstart her networking. With Women TIES, we believe that networking shouldn’t be just in your own local area but regionally and statewide. We created our company exactly for that purpose.

According to Ray Smilor, author of “Daring Visionaries: How Entrepreneurs Build Companies, Inspire Allegiance, and Create Wealth”, he says luck and networking go hand in hand. He states, “Whenever successful entrepreneurs recount the launch and growth of their companies, they will invariably at some point mention how lucky they were. Certainly the fortuitous occurs but sometimes something deeper is at work.” Here are a few ways luck and networks help entrepreneurs succeed:

Be A Network Builder: Entrepreneurs make their own luck. Rather than toiling away all alone in pursuit of their ventures, successful entrepreneurs work at building and using networks. These networks play an essential role in enhancing an entrepreneur’s luck.

Have An Extensive Network – The more extensive, complex, and diverse the web of relationships, the more the entrepreneur is likely to have access to opportunities, the greater the chance of solving problems expeditiously, and ultimately the greater the chance of success for the venture.

 Leverage Resources Through Networks – Entrepreneurs can leverage human, financial, and technological resources through networks. By developing linkages to people with varying backgrounds, broader experiences, and different resources, business owners enhance their luck in finding what they need when they need it to build their ventures.

 Knowing The Right People Adds to Success – For the entrepreneur growing a company, it’s not only what one knows but also who one knows that can make a difference in taking advantage of an opportunity, solving a problem, acquiring key information, or gaining access to a needed resource.

 For women entrepreneurs looking for strategic networking opportunities, check out and our array of regional events and growing state-wide network aimed at increasing your opportunities to brand your business, expand your marketplace and increase your sales.

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