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Publising For Passion and Profit

November 13, 2009

For the past three monts, I have been communicating with one of Australia’s successful women entrepreneurs, Lisa Messenger, Managing Director of Messenger Marketing (  and Messenger Publishing and co-director of Anchovy Publishing. She has worked globally in events, sponsorships, marketing, PR and publishing. She recently sent me one of her books entitled, “Maverick Marketing – Publishing for Passion and Profit”.

If you’ve been wondering about publishing for passion and profit, look at Lisa’s list of what you’ll need to begin:

 A Great Attitude: always believe in success.
Commitment: writing, selling and promoting takes time; months, even years.
Tenacity: push the parameters and break conventions.
Determination: because you will face obstacles.
Passion: it must underpin the entire project.
A Love For What You Do: otherwise, it’s time to move on.
An Open Mind: never be constrained.
A Belief that Anything is Possible: why not?
Willingness: to believe there is more than one way to do anything.
A Good Team: unless you are a writer, editor, designer, proof-reader, printer or publicist yourself!
To find out more about Lisa, her company and books, visit her website at  
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