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Classroom Lessons on Technology

November 11, 2009

When I entered college in 1982, I was a computer science major. It was a brand new field of study. Being a logical minded person, this new technology appealed to me and so did the brilliance of a career in an innovative field. After two semesters of typing code into a computer and having it spit out punch cards for analysis, watching my teachers write logical sequences on the chalkboard that simply stunned me, and studying to all hours of the night preparing for tests and barely passing them, I realized I needed to find a new major.

In today’s business world most of us probably feel like we were computer science majors at one point in time. We had to educate ourselves in technological advances to run our enterprises. We had to embrace our “electronic partners” to stay relevant. Technology not only aids us in operating our companies, but it brings new opportunities to generate income. If I only knew this in my Cobol 101 Class in 1982, I might have stuck with my computer science education a little longer.

Five years ago when I met Karen McMahon of ( , she was in the early stages of building an amazing national online shopping site where businesses and individuals could do their everyday shopping with hundreds of national retailers. After visiting her extensive website filled with hundreds of different online offerings and ads, I knew she had mastered the modern day computer science lesson. I have always been impressed with businesses like Karen’s which earn revenue from pay per click campaigns, affiliate marketing, and other online offerings.

Today’s message is to remind you that even if you aren’t the most computer literate entrepreneur there’s always a classroom waiting for you whether it’s on a college campus or over lunch with other entrepreneurial minded women to teach you all you need to know to succeed.

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