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Improving Your Marketing Materials

May 7, 2009

At the April 23rd Women TIES Greater Penn Yan Luncheon, experienced woman entrepreneur, Becky Bayne, President of Becky’s Graphic Design (, shared success strategies on improving corporate marketing materials. Here is a list of some of the important marketing materials to have in business today and suggestions on improving them to bring more success to your corporation.

Bio/Story – Do you have your biography or “story” of how you started your business documented somewhere? Bios and stories can be used on your website, for conference materials, board appointments, major press releases, and other significant corporate promotion. If you aren’t a talented writer, hire a woman entrepreneur who specializes in writing to compile it for you. It’s an essential part of marketing yourself as an entrepreneur and leader of your organization.

Tag Line – Do you have a short, descriptive tag line that explains your business well? Taglines are creative ways to get your corporate image and message across to potential consumers. Once again, if you are not a creative person, hire a PR or advertising expert to help you. After you have one, make sure the tagline is on all your marketing materials.

Logo – Make sure you spend money to have someone design an attractive, usable logo (for all types of print mediums) from the start. If it has been awhile since you have updated your logo, seek advice from a graphic designer on how to update or improve it. Remember to have a logo that looks good in multi colors and black and white.

Business Card – A business card is still an important marketing tool. But today you don’t have to have as much “standard” information on it as you use to. You can be creative with the copy. Include blogs, mission statements, tag lines, a list of services or products. Use the front and back of the card since it doesn’t cost that much more to use both sides. Business cards are also priced much more reasonably than they use to. Letterhead/Envelope – With so much business being done via email, entrepreneurs are not ordering as much standard stationary and envelopes as they use to. This might be a marketing material you don’t need anymore, or you don’t need large quantities to keep in stock.


Website –  Websites are essential in today’s business environment. The size and complexity of a website depends on what you use it for. Some use it for promotion only; some as a store; some as an extensive PR tool, etc. Make sure you understand the purpose and mission of your website before you contract a professional to develop one for you.  If you don’t know where to start, check out some websites you really like and then ask those companies who designed or produced their sites and contact them for more information.

Email Signature – An easy way to market your business is to have an automatic email signature attached to all your email communication. You can include any contact information as well as list special offerings to trigger some sales interest. Use it to brand you name, your tagline and your product line. Change it often to keep educating your clients and potential customers on sales opportunities.

Headshot – Make sure you have a professional headshot to use on your website, marketing materials, press releases and other promotional materials. Hire a Women TIES photographer to have one taken. They are one of the most essential parts of marketing yourself as leader of your organization. If you have staff, have their photos taken too. Include their photos on your website and appropriate advertising pieces.

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