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Entrepreneurial Sisterhood

May 5, 2009

“Everyone has a twin in the world,” is a popular statement. Although the reference relates more about someone physically looking exactly like someone else, I also think the statement means possessing the exact same values, spirit and essence as someone else. Sometimes this “twin” is a close relative who displays similar characteristics; sometimes it’s a Kindergarten friend who has always understood everything about us; and sometimes it is a woman we meet during our professional lifetime who clicks with us the instant we meet them.

As women we are fortunate to recognize and embrace other women in our lives who make us feel at home with ourselves. Through their understanding, friendship and belief in our dreams, we can be who we are suppose to be, we can strive to be more than we thought we could be, and we can fail knowing they stand close by ready to get us back on our feet with encouragement. I think it is the most important part of being a female – this gift of oneness with each other – whether it is as friends, partners, business associates, or sister entrepreneurs. 

When I started my first business in 1995, I knew I needed to find entrepreneurial women to support me. From that moment forward I have found strengthen and support from other women entrepreneurs. This eventually lead me to start my second company, Women TIES, which is dedicated to helping other women entrepreneurs expand their local, state and regional marketplace. A sense of sisterhood is felt at every event we host no matter where we are in New York State.

As we all know, life is constantly changing, just like our businesses change. New clients come in our lives; old business products are put to rest; fresh innovative ideas expand our company. Life wouldn’t be life, without changes.  As women entrepreneurs we must remember even if the way we operate
our business evolves, our clients change, and we are faced with transforming times, we are always equipped with an intellect, will and desire to make sure the most important things in our life, like strong, business relationships with other women, never change.

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