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Telling Your Story To Increase Sales

April 20, 2009

Women entrepreneurs can “sell” their companies, products and services much better if they remember when, how, and why they created their businesses and then incorporate these reasons into their sales efforts, bios or coporate histories. After being an entrepreneur for awhile, we tend to forgot the passion that fueled our entrepreneurial aspirations. It’s important from time to time, to remind ourselves why we started our businesses and its main purpose.  

If it has been awhile since you thought about your corporation’s origins, ask yourself the following questions to help recreate your own story to highlight the beginnings of your enterprise and reasons for starting it:

* Did your idea come to you in a dream? While you were walking? While you were reading? While you were running? While you were sailing? While you were on vacation?

* Did you have a  loved one who suffered because they didn’t know something or have something and you wanted to save someone else from the same pain?

* Did your idea gain speed and mass over the years as you accumulated observations and then a pivotal event compelled you to share it with others?

* Did you observe individuals doing something counterproductive and you knew you could show them an easier way?

* Did you design a tool because the normal one was clumsy and uncomforable to use?

* Did you believe so passionately in your idea you simply couldn’t rest until you made it a reality?

Update your advertising materials and your pitch if there are answers to these questions which will enhance your current marketing or sales materials. Our emotional passion for our business can help drive more people towards buying our products and services.

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