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Image Key To Success

April 15, 2009

As you prepared for work this morning, you probably made sure your clothes matched, your makeup was on, and you looked presentable as you walked out the door.  Women should “look” the way they want their business represented. For some of us, that means a suit, for some a dress, for some a uniform. No matter what we wear, we know we make a statement about the professionalism of our business by our personal look.

Not only is it important to personally reflect the style and image of our company, it is also vital our marketing materials do the same. It all begins with the right logo, colors, style, and design that reflect  our enterprise. Then for branding purposes that logo and message needs to be on every piece of promotional materials consumers see including business cards, websites, blogs, flyers, clothing, and much more. Our signature look should be consistent and appear on every single communication piece.

With the surge of social media, innovative communication methods and novel ways to promote our businesses, women entrepreneurs must remain consistent in utilizing their brand today.  If it has been awhile since you’ve taken a hard look at your corporate image, now is the time as the marketplace continues to become saturated with multitudes of new enterprises.  Hire someone who can help you brand your image, attend an educational event to learn more, or study other companies with excellent marketing materials to help you update your look.

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