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Miracle Moments Transform Us

March 20, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Women in Sports

Miracle moments occur so many times throughout our lives. We are blessed when we experience them and equally lucky if they teach us wisdom and direct us on a new path in life. Not all miracle moments are happy ones; some are sad; but they teach and help us to grow if we pay attention when they happen and while looking back.

Close your eyes and envision five moments that spring from your memory when you say, “What miracle moments changed me or altered my course in life for good or bad?” Without thinking too hard about it, write them down immediately. Take a few minutes to read and replay those moments again this time with attention to jot down the lessons you learned from the experience. How did they shape you at the moment? How did you emerge a stronger person once time passed? Did those “miracles” propel you forward as a woman or woman entrepreneur?

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, I am thankful for women who came before me making me a stronger, more outspoken woman, believing in myself and impacting my personal mission. Gratitude goes to Kathrine Switzer for teaching me to be fearless in the face of fear and Billie Jean King for working hard for equal pay for women in sports (and life). Gratefulness extends to my mother and aunt who were women entrepreneurs in the late 1960s paving the way for my entrepreneurial spirit and career. I also am appreciative of wisdom gleaned from my first female boss who showed me how to lead and for my second female boss who showed me the opposite.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is on the first day of Spring when we are blessed with a beautiful blue sky and a new beginning of another season in life. Take time to be grateful to all your experiences that shaped you into the woman you are today. Everyone moment has led you to this moment, this place you stand strongly within. As a popular quote says, “I don’t mind the wrinkles on my face because it means I have laughed.”

I dedicate today’s editorial to my beautiful stepmother JB, who passed away one year ago tonight. Being by the side of someone as they die is as beautiful as the moment life comes into the world; but even more meaningful because of the life lessons the person has given and the love they bestowed. She taught me to be a loving, kind, joyful woman. Be grateful for your life moments today and always.

Business Women Leadership Success Strategies

March 19, 2019

Inspiration and business success strategies for women in business, women entrepreneurs, women in sports

Can you imagine being a presenter during Women’s History Month in front of women in the healthcare financial management field, inspiring them to higher levels of leadership? The beautiful ivory ballroom, with high ceilings and round tables for attendees framed the speaking stage perfectly. The professional women gaining educational and work credits were polite and astute willing to learn from a multitude of female speakers. One man, an important financial sponsor of the program, sat alone in the back of the room understanding the conversations might not apply to him. I didn’t mind his presence because we need more men believing in female leaders.

I worked diligently on my hour presentation complete with a colorful power point display. You can imagine what the attendees thought when I handed out packages of M&M’s along with program handouts. The image on the screen was also a bowl of M&M’s as if I had a chocolate addiction! They soon discovered the presentation title was called, “The 5 M&M’s of Female Leadership Success.” Because I spent so much time on the presentation, I wanted to share a sweet morsel to help you in your leadership role today.

The five M&M’s of Female Leadership Success are:

Remembering “Memories Who Made” Us Who We Are
Creating “My Mission” Statement
Embracing “Miracle Moments”
Finding Ways to “Make More Money”
Having “Multiple Modes” of Happiness

The focus of the presentation was to remind women in order to be a good leader you need to look inside once in awhile to garner who you were when you little that made you the woman today, what natural talents you possess that make you unique and good at your job, how a personal mission statement can help you lead and change the world, ways to make more money (while there is still pay inequality) and inspiration to incorporate happiness activities to stay healthy while leading.

If you are interested in the handouts that go along with this presentation, just ask and I’ll share them with you. All you’ll need is a package of M&M’s, time to ponder and answer questions and a willingness to want to be a better leader.

Creative Writing Needed in Business

March 13, 2019

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom for women entrepreneurs, women in business, small business

Imagine sitting in a serene, high ceiling room with a tropical fan sending cool wafts of air down from the peaked roof. At the table where you sit, you see an aqua pool surrounded by tall Maple trees and colorful purple and yellow flowers. Wind chimes hanging off the black fence magically play a tune for the butterflies.

Glancing over your left shoulder out the door and down a hill, you spot a quaint pond where blue herons stoop to find their dinner of wild fishpond life. Over the water are miles of rolling corn fields eventually cascading to a acre of land spotted with black and white cows feeding on grass next to a navy blue silo with a crisp white top.

Back inside over your right shoulder is a red bathroom with a modern silver and white hanging light and urban wall signs depicting cities where the owner’s siblings reside – Portland, Annapolis, Burlington, London and New York City. Framed next to the mirror is a photo of an iconic Kennebunkport lobster hut with two young boys smiling next to their father and Grandfather who is dangling a lobster just served for dinner. You can sense shenanigans have taken place in all these places; especially the lobster hut.

Thirsting for a cool drink, you cross the wooden floors to a small refrigerator hidden from view under a chocolate brown counter top. After grabbing a drink, you peer out a miniature window spotting luminous tomatoes growing on vines wrapped around fifty year old weathered wooden poles once used by the owner’s Italian grandfather. Two guitars, a microphone, framed record covers, a Woodstock 1999 photo and other musical memorabilia dress the quaint kitchen space making one feel at any time the space could be rocking.

As you stroll over to two comfortable couches next to a wood and glass table with a sound system on it, you pick up “The Bucket List” book and sit down to imagine new places to visit to fuel your adventurous spirit once you are done with your visit here.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom has a couple points of inspiration for you. The first is to never be afraid to improve skills you need in your career. Hiring a consultant, like I did for becoming a more creative writer, was well worth the lessons she taught me. Women entrepreneurs are not educated in all topics needed to run a successful business or better their career. Second, creative writing is a invaluable skill to possess to spruce up advertising materials, websites, and social media marketing sites when they need updating.

The final point to today’s editorial is literally to visualize yourself inside my rentable pool house and pool called “A Beautiful View” this summer. I am renting it out from May to September to Women TIES members, Wednesday Wisdom readers, women in business and women affiliated with me or my members. It is the perfect place to create, write, read, meet, paint, swim or just be happy. My place is your place so keep this peaceful vista and venue in mind.

Equality Efforts Are Possible At All Stages of Life

March 12, 2019

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs, college age females, women in sports, girls

Envisioning a room full of college age females coming to hear inspiration to follow their dreams in the male dominated STEAM fields, I found inspiration for the keynote speech I’m working on from a recent article about 9 year old Riley Morrison. Morrison wrote a hand written note to NBA player Step Curry about creating his Curry 6 basketball shoe in sizes for girls to wear. Not only did Riley grab Curry’s attention but she designed the sockliner for the shoes.

Curry is the father of two girls and perhaps Riley’s request touched a heart cord. According to ESPNW, Curry stated, “Riley has boldly set an inspiring example for not only my daughters but girls all around the world,” Curry said in a statement to espnW. “You’re never too small or too young for your voice to be heard.” The release of the shoes are believed to be the first time a marquee male athlete has been the face of a basketball shoe made specifically for women and girls.

College age females must believe they have the education, motivation and tenacity to pursue any field they want as they begin their careers, especially in male-dominated fields in science, engineering, math and technology. As girls age, they can lose their bravado to believe they can do anything a boy can do. Because Riley Morrison was age 9, with a passion for basketball following in a hometown star’s footsteps, she wrote the letter believing she could make a difference. When do girls stop believing they can do anything their heart desires? We must make sure they don’t!

Although Riley isn’t a college student in a STEAM field, she may become one after this incredible experience at an early age. I not only applaud Step Curry for his part in this story but all the mothers and fathers and mentors who believe a girl can do anything a boy can do at any age. Let’s not stop believing equality is possible at any time in life.

Any women interested in partaking in the STEAM Congress in Utica College on March 28th, should reach out to this link for more information.

To watch Riley Morrison’s video on ESPNW, click here

International Women Have Enriched My Life

March 8, 2019

Inspiration for International Women’s Day

Every morning I look at my Twitter feed to find a new post from my International friend Jo Moseley. Jo and I met last year in England when we ran on the same all women team in the “Women Can Marathon” in Devon. I wanted to run overseas and only with women. Through the International Organization 261Fearless, I found 3 women to run with; each one from a different country. Tanja was from Switerland and working in the Netherlands, Jo was from Northern England and Josie was from Malta. I was the lone American teaming with “brilliant” women from other countries.

To say, I was impressed with the immediate connections when we formed the team, is an understatement. I’ve supported American women entrepreneurs for 24 years and only one of my members is from overseas – Chen Zucker from Israel. In 2015, I met Kathrine Switzer who opened my world to International women including women from Australia, Iceland, Austria, New Zealand, Malaysia, England and France. I have also met fantastic women from all over America with 261 Fearless especially women in Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts. My world filled up with wonderful, warm female connections from all over the globe making me feel like I really belonged and could bond from women from anywhere.

Today on International Women’s Day, I am so happy I met Kathrine and my International running friends. I know if I go anywhere in the world to travel, I can find a friendly 261Fearless female friend to talk and run with. My life experiences before 2015 were with American women, who I still adore, but now I have a world of women relationships that make my life so much richer.

I hope today you decide to take one step forward to connect or expand your relationships and networks with women who live in different countries. The photo above is me a few years ago having dinner with new Canadian women business owners. Support women in your local, regional or state communities. Hold out a hand to women across our great nation. Fly overseas and embrace an International woman. Let’s keep becoming friends and supporters of women everywhere on the globe. Let’s fight for female justice and equality in all things, in all countries.

Happy International Women’s Day!

How to Become a Top Rated Business

March 6, 2019

Business Success Strategies, Wisdom, Inspiration for women entrepreneurs, women in business, women in sports

As I entered the beautiful Mayo Clinic grounds in Jacksonville, Florida, I knew immediately I was going to experience a special visit. With its own campus dotted with specialty buildings and parking for only $5 to everyone, I entered hopeful the rest of the experience would be similar. It is interesting how the little touches make the biggest differences.

I sought out the Mayo Clinic for the appointment after someone said patients didn’t need a referral. I landed an appointment with a highly educated female dermatologist who studied in Cambridge, England. She was articulate, friendly and comprehensive in her care. 75 minutes after speaking with her, I left with more knowledge, hope and a plan of action to continue with other specialists at the Mayo Clinic and in Syracuse.

From the moment I arrived at the Clinic to the follow-up phone call this morning, I have been impressed with this top rated medical facility and staff. I think they created the word “friendly” for the dictionary. As you know not every medical encounter exudes excellence. If the sunshine didn’t enhance my five day medical trip to Florida, the staff at the Mayo Clinic did.

Has my alopecia been cured in this one trip? No but the visit put me one step closer to figuring out a course of action because I’m not ready to give up yet on the diagnosis and return of my hair. My inspirational calendar’s quote says it all, “Do what your heart leads you to do.” Coming from a family of doctors, I believe in being the best medical advocate for myself because no one else can speak for me and understand what I need to move forward. I’d like to believe my intimate ties to people in the medical field has given me this wisdom but it could be the fact I am tenacious and don’t take dead ends easily (although I’d take split ends).

As women business owners we hope our reputation speaks for itself drawing customers to our top rated services through character, referrals or decades of experience. Being a top rated provider doesn’t necessarily mean being found on the Internet, it comes from people knowing you are excellent in knowledge and service with a customer focused communication style and delivery. To be top rated in any field means paying attention to the details in every area of service.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you to strive to be a “top rated” woman enterprise with excellence in service and reputation. Examine your business from top to bottom to see where you need improvement to excel in word of mouth advertising and referrals. Pay attention to when you need more knowledge to remain a top business in your industry so clients contact you for appointments instead of needing to sell all the time. Live your mission, share your mission and practice strong work ethics to deliver your mission.

You want to have customers’ hearts lead them to you when they need services or products you deliver. The best thing your business should be is top rated so strive for that in 2019.

Wednesday Wisdom: Seeking Green

February 20, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Female Athletes

I crave green this time of year. Like the sea foam green ocean waters of Sanibel Island or the rich green maple leaves in full bloom in May. I relish any chance to see blades of thin green spikes arising from the ground and the tiny stalks of wild onions poking out of the soil. Green soothes my sole like aloe. It might be the reason our third room in our humble abode was painted in its soothing shade over the weekend so in the depth of colorless winter I can feel the outside within.

February is also a time of year when women entrepreneurs crave the green of money. Holiday sales are long gone and consumers slow their purchases as if they are squirrels tucking away their cash until April when the barren environment finally produces food again. Surviving a frozen winter in Upstate New York isn’t a challenge just for animals but for small business owners who must constantly sell to potential clients on gloomy, snow laden days on slippery roads and below zero temperatures. It can be tough to heat up our sales skills when consumers are dormant.

As any good New Yorker knows, we are stronger and more durable because of our environment. When the going gets tough, we keep on going. We know how to survive in inclement weather and unpredictable economic markets. We live here for the beauty of contrasting seasons and enduring daily and seasonal changes in nature, life and business. As a onetime Boston marathoner, February feels like I arrived at Heartbreak Hill knowing there was one long climb to the peak only to finally descend to the finish line with no more hills in sight.

How sweet the moment is when you turn the corner in any hard fought battle whether it’s getting another winter month under our belt, being awarded a contract after months of proposals, or implementing new goals and strategies. Our upstate vegetation doesn’t grow on its own over time but rather with a combination of dormancy, nutrition, warmth and right timing. We can’t force a bud to grow; it must appear at its own time. We must also arise at our own time to renew and reawaken financial and first quarter goals after our own hibernation.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom will hopefully inspire you to focus on recent “green” opportunities that have come into your business. Perhaps you will be encouraged to bring in more revenue as winter starts melting to spring. Maybe you’ve been in the midst of your own “Heartbreak Hill experience” only to appreciate its final descent. Don’t leave this recent season without recognizing what you learned, what changed, and what you still need to do to prepare yourself for a rich green spring full of abundant opportunities.

As my March calendar states, “She redefines success. Success comes not through fame and fortune but through rising and risking again and again. She emerges a passionate, resilient woman with a fearless core.” May you find your fearless core when bringing in revenue the rest of winter and rising strong in spring.

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