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Wednesday Wisdom: Meeting Face-to-Face

May 17, 2023

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Meeting in Person with a Business Friend in New York City

After traversing construction zones filled with parents visiting town for their college student’s graduation, I finally made it to a quaint coffee shop in Fayetteville to meet with one of my members. We hadn’t seen each other in person since the pandemic only via Zoom. What a lovely moment seeing and hugging her and sitting down for an iced chai tea.

An hour meeting turned into an hour-and-a-half meeting as we conversed about her business with so many ideas blooming now that Covid-19 was pretty much behind us. This 80-year-old entrepreneur was full of vim and vigor ready to continue her life work and entrepreneurial endeavors but needing some advice and feedback on her plans. She was so appreciative of my time and ideas, and I was equally grateful for being energized by a woman who doesn’t want to retire.

I know many of us have resumed our former ways of doing business prior to March 2020 but if you haven’t this inspiration today is for you. Zoom has its benefits like attending global or national events we simply can’t get to that easily. Keeping a distance if our health isn’t good, is another reason to stick to online meetings. But if you have just gotten too used to the convenience of online events, I encourage you to step out there again, and again, until you feel the warmth of another’s presence.

Technology is still an awesome way to connect to people far and away from where we work and play like keeping in touch with my running friends in different countries, but we can’t overuse it in exchange for social interaction. I noticed this when my nephew this weekend was exhilarated to attend his junior prom in person instead of skipping it like my niece had to do for hers because of Covid-19. We are on this planet to live, interact, rejoice, and revel in the company of others.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to reinvigorate your need to meet others outside your company’s or home’s four walls. It is to remind you of the enjoyment of being surrounded by people with shared interests and passions. Today is the day to agree to go to a live event with people you haven’t seen in a while. Lose the trepidation, gain a new wind under your wings, walk out the door, and do something positive for yourself to get back into your past social enjoyment.

Of course, I plan events both sporting and business, in hopes that you will choose to see me in person again. I promise to give you a hug and advice and fill your day with some good-hearted fun and friendship. You never know what meeting with me will do for you, or what you will do for me.

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