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Surviving Serious Business Situations

April 25, 2023

Ten years ago today, this was the blog post I wrote. I thought it would be interesting to repost ten years later and the advice helps you today. XO Tracy

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As I drove back from Boston on Saturday, after living through the lock down that resulted from the Boston Marathon bombings, I was overwhelmed with relief, gratitude and exhaustion from the experience. The decision to visit my son after our Women TIES Albany event just made sense. Boston wasn’t too far away and I knew I would have peace of mind making sure he was okay. Little did I know we would be staying in a hotel 5 minutes from Watertown that went into lock down with the rest of the Greater Boston area.

After my return, it took the weekend to catch my breath and settle my thoughts. It’s amazing how tense situations grip our mind, spirit, and body so strongly. I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck until Monday morning.

As soon as the work week…

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