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Wednesday Wisdom: Begin Today!

April 5, 2023

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom, Motivation for Women, Female Entrepreneurs, Women in Sports

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, 2017 Boston Marathon

One Step
One Stroke
One Line

In order to succeed, it takes one movement from where you stand right now, towards the future.

A marathoner begins one day with one step on their local street. An acclaimed artist picks up a slender paintbrush one day and lays down one imperfect stroke. A writer for the Washington Post pens one word, one average morning. Every large accomplishment began somewhere on a random day, somewhere in a corner of the world.

Tom Amidon Painting

Don’t believe for a moment that great athletic feats, beautiful works of art, or historic written works didn’t start with someone just beginning. Did that person perceive what accolades and honors they might receive by just beginning? Perhaps they had a dream but dreams are hard to predict until you are in the midst of them looking backwards.

In order to achieve anything you may be dreaming of, starts with that one movement. Then habit sets in, a craving to continue takes over, and soon a person is propelled to keep doing what they are doing until they achieve what they envisioned or decide the journey has been the thrill, not the end results.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Under the Rose-Colored Book Author

Remember on any random day, perhaps even today, you can start with that “one thing” that you hope will move you onward to your largest dream or goal. If you don’t start today, when will you? What are you waiting for? It really is easy to just start now and believe and then to do that one thing time and again until you are addicted to that one movement every day.

This Wednesday Wisdom inspires you to begin today! Stop waiting. Step out, paint, write, start a business plan, invest your money, or start a new sport. Then every day after, keep going. You can rest once in awhile but don’t give up.

We wish you a successful path of forward motion today and every day as you step into your unique dream with the wind at your back, sunshine on your face, and a tenacious spirit to keep you going.

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