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Wednesday Wisdom: Beginning Again or Beginning Anew?

January 18, 2023

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

The theme ‘beginning again’ kept arising in my week’s communication with women from my past and present. Beginning again is different than beginning anew. Some define beginning anew as changing one’s mind or heart or to transform any ignorance that brought wrong actions to your body or mind. Whereas beginning anew refers to breathing life into something, to exhilarate or reaffirm a behavior or action at the start, middle or even end of a goal.

On Sunday, when it came time to re-engage with familiar faces and share memories about a mutual friend who passed away in August, we reaffirmed what our friend taught us and why we were bonded through friendship. When it comes to planning more events and goals for the New Year, including getting those New Year’s resolutions in line, beginning again is what is usually needed.

Sometimes the two actions go together – beginning again and beginning anew. During moments of our lives and businesses we need a combination of both of them to proceed forward. You already know nothing stays the same or successfully working for too long, there are always revisions to be made. You also understand sometimes moving forward again means renewing a commitment to change in order to take action that benefits us.

I hope you consider both definitions and choose the best one for you or combine them like I am doing. January is always when I plan events and programs for women in business and in sports, but it is also a time to listen to my own heart and head about what will make me happy as a woman entrepreneur. I can’t start planning anything before I “renew” or “recommit” to a year of work, no matter how big or small the work will be.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to have you examine which start you are making in 2023 – are you beginning again or beginning anew? Do you need help to do either successfully – like advice, a therapist, a counselor, staff, partner or just yourself? Should you just follow your intuition or do some research to guarantee your decisions? If you are someone who needs assistance, don’t be afraid to ask it from the appropriate people and to be willing to pay for it.

As I work on my own decisions personally and entrepreneurially, I promise to keep you posted and you do the same. 

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