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Wednesday Wisdom: The Value of Trainers in Business

December 7, 2022

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In 2005 after starting Women TIES, LLC, I knew I needed an online marketing tool to communicate with new and potential members on a weekly basis. In those days, technology was brand new and didn’t have tutorials like some have today. What was a non-techy woman entrepreneur to do?

Well, I hired another woman who had advanced technology skills at that time, with a focus on graphic design, to train me. I told her I’d pay her hourly rate if she could sit with me and help me set up my corporate brand images, load email addresses, and walk me through how to use other tools in Constant Contact. It was the best money I ever spent as evident by still using Constant Contact 17 years later.

Business and life provide us with unique opportunities to hire a trainer to get us to a goal. Trainers aren’t necessarily coaches but rather people who can educate us on specific topics. When I decided to run the Boston Marathon, I needed a trainer, specifically another woman who had run marathons, to create a plan for me to use daily to be ready for my big race six months away. Without her training plan, I couldn’t have finished the Boston marathon.

Think about it, even our children and grandchildren don’t learn how to eat, go to the bathroom, or ride a bike without parents as trainers.

When you look up the word “trainer” online, it shows

* a person or thing that trains

* a person who trains an athlete

* a simulated aircraft use to train aircrew members

I don’t see a place where it says a woman entrepreneur trains another female business owner on essential business knowledge in the description, but I’ve used more trainers than coaches during my 3-decade history in business. Sometimes I take classes – online or in person – but that is different from what I’m talking about. I’ve gotten over more hurdles in business by hiring a personal “trainer” to lend knowledge in a subject I’m stuck on or new to.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to motivate you to consider finding another woman entrepreneur you can hire to train you in her specialty or assist you with knowledge she has, that you don’t. It could be a CPA, a CEO with experience in trademark or copyright, an author or publisher, and even another artist. Make sure you insist on paying for her time.

Women are eager to teach, and women are eager to learn. Don’t forget you can reach out and ask to pay someone for their expertise to make you wiser and more successful. 

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