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Wednesday Wisdom: Grab a Marathon Mentality

November 9, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Female Athletes

You enter the race one person, you leave it another,” is one of my favorite quotes from Kathrine V. Switzer, my friend, mentor and first woman to officially register and run in the Boston Marathon. As I watched thousands of women and men run Sunday’s New York City Marathon, I was reminded not only of that quote from Kathrine but also the one, “The best of humankind is seen on and besides a marathon race.”

Consider the multitude of hours and commitment a person puts into training for a 26.2-mile race. It took me six months of running and training in all-weather to do one. Envision a father pushing his paralyzed son in a race bike carriage the entire way to give him the thrill of being in a marathon because he can’t walk. Think about how many marathon runners raise anywhere between $3,000 – $10,000 in donations for charities to be able to run in a marathon if they aren’t fast enough to qualify for one. I raised $8,000 for my Boston run to support 261Fearless, a global women’s running organization.

Then envision the sidewalks of the streets of major cities being lined with people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds standing for hours to yell support, give out water bottles, hold up signs, cheer until their throats are sore, to inspire a stranger running in a race. Some give out orange slices, others give hugs, and others a single moment of encouragement – the kind needed to keep going when the going gets tough. 

The best of the best run in marathons – the elite women, the para-athletes in their wheelchairs using their arms, and elite males. Then the best of the best of humankind shows up on the sidelines in joyous energy to transmit to those running the hard race. Forget the world where the media paints crime, violence, fighting politicians, arguing neighbors as your focal point and look at a marathon to judge our world. You’ll see a very different one, I promise.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom, the day after another nasty election cycle, is to remind you that there is good in the world and really good people who do things to help others. November is the month of giving and thanksgiving and if there is one thing I wish you this month, is to take a marathon’s view at the world, your world, and our world together. It is full of much more joy than hatred. Look for it and participate in it that way.

By living inspired through other people’s actions on and off the roads, fills us up with an abundance of love so there isn’t room for anything else. Become a marathoner or spectator of a marathon to feel the sweet harmony of the world and the pure will and spirit of doing something hard and generous and entwine it into your life or business outlook today.

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