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Monday Motivation: A Reason to Shed

September 26, 2022

Monday Motivation, Monday Mood for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Two of the views out my desk window are a red horse barn with white fence for riding lessons and tall corn stalks in an active farmer’s field to feed cows in the winter. After 30 years of living in our abode, I know when harvest time is approaching by the heavy sounds of the tractors coming up the road turning into the corn field outside the window. As they cut the first row of corn, golden stalk debris is shredded and lifted into the air like harvest confetti landing on our driveway as if a celebration of the season is in session. 

Since it was Monday, I started out my work week biking 20-miles to set an aggressive tone of work for the week. As I biked amidst a canopy of blonde leaves, once green, trees were shedding them and they landed between my fingers, on my bald head, and actually in my mouth. Not one to chew on rusty leaves; I smiled and spit it out wondering what the odds were of that happening again, and then I proceeded biking over and crushing the red and orange leaves on the bike path.

It’s been 3 years since I shed all my hair to alopecia which halted my free-wheeling entrepreneurial spirit to some degree. Anyone with alopecia or cancer chemotherapy understands how devastating shedding one’s glorious crown can be. But just like the innocent corn stalks in the field and the golden-haired leaves on the trees, we shed. Sometimes we shed hair or pounds. Sometimes, we get rid of our own unwanted debris in terms of mental sadness, negativity, or anxiety, and as entrepreneurs we shed staff, unsold products, decades-old files, and packed drawers of useless marketing materials, now obsolete. Sometimes it feels good to shed in business. Reducing the clutter, opens up space we can use for something else.

As the farmers reopen their land space again, getting rid of aged produce, they’ll reseed and fertilize it for the next new grain to plant and eventually harvest.  Trees shed their leaves so they aren’t ruined when winter snow weighs them down. If we could be farmers, turning that insight of harvest into golden nuggets of wisdom, wouldn’t we admit that we all need to shed at times in order to replant, regrow, and re-harvest so we can have more work abundance in the future? What can you “shed” today mentally, physically, or spiritually, that will help you open space for your next level of growth?

Let your Monday Mood be one of shedding so you can plant and harvest more success and goodness in your corner of the world. 

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