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Thursday Thoughts: We Can’t Get Tired Yet

September 1, 2022

Thursday Thoughts, Wisdom, Inspiration for Women in Business, Women in Sports, Women’s Equality

Felisha Legette-Jack and Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

Walking into the room was a tall figure dressed in orange clothes with a white blazer followed by her entourage. They passed the table of six purple, white and gold jacketed women with the word “highlight” down their arms – an all-female sky diving team with suffragette colors. From my table of guests which included women entrepreneurs and women who love sports, we could see the star speaker sit and relax. I recognized her immediately and went to grab a photo.

As a feminist waiting for a woman’s sports number to be retired at our hometown Syracuse University, I was excited that Felisha Leggette-Jack, a Syracuse native, former SU player, and now first-time female coach of the Syracuse University’s Women’s Basketball team, not only had her basketball jersey hung in the rafters next to all the male athletes at a football game last year, but that a female was going to lead the women’s team.

Interviewing females in sports, I had a chance to interview a woman responsible for hiring female coaches for the university program. I asked her why there weren’t more female coaches, especially female coaches for the women’s teams. Her response was that she hired the best candidate who applied. I begged to differ with her knowing she knew there weren’t enough women in high coaching positions, and she as a female, had input on changing that.

Women TIES & Women’s Athletidc Networking members

Women’s roles in sports, business, politics, and life will not change unless women change the world for women using as much power and persuasion they have – especially when it comes to hiring practices and pay equality. In my company I have only hired female staffers because I believe in giving them a leg up and paying them since we don’t have a pay equality law yet; and who knows when we will.

All-female sky diving team and Coach Jack

As Felisha said yesterday, giving me chills down my arms, “Women have to keep doing more. We haven’t done enough yet and we can’t get tired now because others need to see our name and know they can do it too.” Amen sister, Coach Jack to you, your upcoming success, and the inspiration for women to keep making their mark in the world. You’ll see me court side this year supporting you and the women’s basketball team! 

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