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Wednesday Wisdom: Cycles of Life & Business

August 17, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

As predictable as Upstate New York’s four seasons, is the same cycle in entrepreneurship. Seasons of budding, sustaining, turning golden, and finally buried under layers of cold are similar to the life cycle of any business. We plant the seed of our entrepreneurial idea, fertilize it through sales and networking, watch it prosper achieving its financial goals, and then witness its end. Then we have a chance like nature to start all over again with a new business seed or off-ramp into retirement or some other career goal.

Biking under the brilliant green canopy of full-blown August trees, with the ever-so-humid breeze blowing on my face in the very quiet trail typically busy when summer begins, reminded me that its past visitors might be taking their college-aged kids to far away institutions or soaking in the last few weeks of a summer vacation at the seashore, or school shopping with beaming grandchildren eager to get back in the saddle of their education. Cycles, it is all about cycles.

Seasons come. Seasons go. Time flies by just like everyone notices. A once-new- business suddenly turns a decade old and its owner a once 30-year-old turns 60 realizing how fast a 3-decade business dream has sprung, grown, and aged. Cycles.

The question becomes do we just keep on going from one season to another without stopping to pause, or do we stop after each season to analyze the lessons learned – both good and bad – so we can prepare for the next one. Just like Spring is as opposite as Fall, and Summer contrary to Winter so can our own entrepreneurial seasons be to us as leaders of our company and brand.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to ask you to pause sometime this week to consider the difference in your own business’ seasons. What has happened since January 1st to now? What was unexpected or predicted? Did something happen that alters the way you need to move your company forward? Do different marketplace factors need to be addressed in an updated business plan? Are you more tired or happier since the year began? What are you inspired to do for the rest of the year?

Sometimes planning an entire year out can be difficult, but doing smaller seasonal planning for your company and yourself might be the perfect way to address the cycles of life and business that are everchanging. Try it out and welcome the next cycle of your company’s life.

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