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Thursday Thoughts: The Best Of

August 11, 2022

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Kenny Chesney

A warm, humid summer air breezes in my office door as I wonder what I’ll experience at tonight’s outside concert at the beautiful Syracuse St. Joe’s Amphitheater. Gifted by my husband’s generous company, a corporate evening of bonding and music is the happening place featuring music by country star Kenny Chesney. As an avid Dave Matthews Band fan since 1999, I haven’t listened too much to country music.

Besides wondering what I’ll cover my alopecia head with since I don’t own a cowgirl hat, I turned to YouTube to listen to Kenny Chesney’s Greatest Hits, hoping I recognize some of them. Country music used to stream through our house when my youngest son was turned onto this genre of tunes his senior year in high school. As he went off to Syracuse University any time I heard country music, I thought of him.

As I listened to some of Chesney’s music, I thought about women entrepreneurs, like I always do, wondering how to convert “best songs” of music stars or “best plays” of athletes into “best of” for women owned companies? Where can our current or potential new fans find out more about us? Do we have a “Best of” events, services, testimonials, or product photos displayed somewhere for them to find? Would it be on our own websites, social media pages, own YouTube channel or where else?

We don’t have to be mega stars worth millions of dollars or followed by millions of fans to showcase our own “best of” items. So, today I hope you write down your best of moments, items, services, etc. and then figure out where to post them so people can find out more about your hits. You deserve to highlight your own success stories just like Kenny Chesney.

Do yourself  a favor today and look up your favorite artist on YouTube or another social site and be inspired to create a place for your current and future fans to learn more about you! One of Kenny’s songs is called “Knowing You” so do something today to let the world know more about you.

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