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Friday Vibes: Taking Big Risks

July 29, 2022

Motivation, Inspiration, Risk Taking, Friday Vibes

For some of us risk is assumed as we slowly ride up a steep roller coaster at a theme park because we fear heights. Other times, risk is equivalent to signing a lease on a new office building for our rising company. And sometimes risk is about starting radiation or chemo treatments for a cancer diagnosis. Risk comes in and out of our lives on a daily, yearly and decade basis depending on what type it is.

After writing yesterday’s blog post about being turned down for a new medicine that has an 80% efficacy rate for people like me with alopecia universalis, I felt in some control having stated my mind about the subject. Pulling my bike on my car, I figured I would work out the rest of my disappointment on a favorite bike path. As I entered the park to bike, my dermatologist called me to tell me they had a 30-day sample of the drug if I wanted to get it. “YES,” I said immediately.

P.T. Barnum Bearded Lady – Annie Jones –

The white bottle with orange cap felt like a gift from above, an answer to my prayers. As I biked through the happy emotions having received it (because I bike to let out bad and good emotions), I felt nothing but blessed. Would I begin taking it immediately, wait until tomorrow, or talk to my medical son first? The last time I took a JAK inhibitor I developed severe shingles in and around my right eye, with some cornea scars still on them, was getting hair worth risking my eyesight? Bald vs. blind is an interesting scenario.

If you are like me, you become less risky at night perhaps from tiredness or because you’ve taken risks all day long. So, first thing this morning, the white bottle stared at me daring me to open it while I listened to online mass and my quiet soul’s message. At ten a.m. I took the first pill. Who was I to turn down something the day before I believed I couldn’t get?

Today I ask you, what are you willing to risk for the betterment of yourself, your business, and even your health? Do you take risks after quietly listening to your internal wisdom or after you talk to someone? Do you follow your gut or your head more often in making risky decisions or is it a combination of both? Do you try something in order to help show others it can be done successfully helping to squelch their fears? Trust that whatever your decision-making process is work to your highest benefit.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Alopecia

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know if I grow hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, or just an Italian mustache and sideburns or if the medicine doesn’t work for me and I’m meant to be a permanently bald woman just trying to live her best life.

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